My jersey top collection

I used to think that sewing with jersey was really difficult and not something that you could tackle on a domestic sewing machine. And I think that this was one of the reasons I stopped sewing. Over the years, I started wearing more and more jersey tops, knitted dresses, jeggings – you name it and I thought I couldn’t sew them.

But when I started following other sewing bloggers, it became clear that there were a lot of people successfully sewing jersey and companies selling really lovely jersey fabrics. I decided that my first entry point into sewing jersey would be Tilly and the Buttons Agnes top. Every time I saw it, it looked fantastic and all the reviews said that the instructions were really good. Plus, I knew that there was an online class from Tilly if I got stuck.

Tilly and the Button Agnes Top

So far, I have made one of them and I absolutely love it! I got a really interesting jersey remnant to make this with. I made a size 5, but I think next time, I will grade down to a 4 at the hips, as my hips are small compared to the rest of me! I also would make the neckband 3cm shorter as it is just puckering slightly, but not enough for me to want to try and redo it!

So the next jersey top was the Wanted top from Vanessa Pouzet. Talk about wanted, I had to have it! I saw it on The Foldline and downloaded it straight away. It’s got a really unusual square neck with a bit of a sailor vibe (and instructions in French!) But fortunately, just as I was about to start it, I came across this tutorial from Stitch My Style which explained it so carefully that I never even looked at the original instructions. I bought cheap jersey to make a wearable toile but have ended up really loving it.

My latest jersey top felt the easiest, maybe because I now know some of the tips and tricks. it is the Molly Top from Sew Over It and is looser than the other two. With its dropped shoulders, it is more like a sweatshirt but is really comfy and fun to wear with jeans. I show it here with my Erin Skirt,  just as Lisa paired it. I picked up the fabric for this from the Knitting and Stitching show in Harrogate last November and it has been in my stash ever since. this only took me an hour and a half to sew, using a narrow zigzag stich on my ancient Brother machine. Talking of which, my brothers have clubbed together to buy me a new sewing machine, so I am on the lookout for a more up to date Brother!

So I am now a convinced jersey seamstress and it has helped me make more of the clothes that I actually wear – I kept making dresses before but I spend most of my days in skirts, trousers and tops. I’m definitely going to make another Agnes. I’ve got some navy and white jersey from Fabworks earmarked for another Wanted, but what I would really like is a boat neck jersey top but I haven’t seen the right pattern yet. I might have to do a hack!


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